In the 15 years we’ve been producing Entertainment for events, I’ve never seen the MNAC shine like this!

We spent months preparing this event for the New York Based Production company LDJ PRODUCTIONS .

Their amazing team prepared the all the creativity and produced the event that was held on June 24th.

The final client was a Beauty Brand that celebrated the farewell dinner for 350 guests at spectacular MNAC.

The Technical Setting was done by the amazing crew of CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY.

A round stage at the center, a spectacular round screen 12 meter diameter that moved up and down creating an impressive effect. All the setting was wireless, so there where no wires crossing the room, no monitors on stage (they were hanging up the stage), and the Lighting was amazing, making the Mnac and the Shows look so beautiful!

Once guests entered the Lobby, a group of 20 painters were doing the scketches of what after would be the portraits of the guests. Each guest had his own portrait!

Once guests were seated, after revealing the portraits of the guests, and with a beautiful in crescendo music, the screen rised to reveal a Flamenco Dancer in the middle of the stage. The 20 more dancers entered the room delivering a breathtaking flamenco show.